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Collaboration after 12 years!

In 2010 Frispåkarns album “Dom kallar mig disträ” come out. The first single “Du e min bror” was released in late 2009 and written and produced by the same trio that got together in fall 2021 to write “Regnbågar”. The new single “Regnbågar” was released on Friday, August 12th, 2022.

“Du e min bror” was by far my favorite production throughout the years and still seems like a timeless song. The new release “Regnbågar” shares the same qualities and is a timeless song to be remembered.

Back in 2008/09 my productions were introduced to H. Bäckman (Frispråkarn) by my producer-friend Matias Hedberg, who worked with Frispråkarn. In the first draft of the song we still used a Bon Jovi sample but needed to re-compose and arrange the song due to clearing rights – that made the release so timeless.

In 2021 Bäckmann shared an Instagram story of Elias Ringquist that reminisced the release in 2009. I was positively triggered by the story and opened a group chat via DM. Here we now are almost a year later and proudly present our new release.

We are more than happy to get the released and distributed by you. We welcome all feedback too.

Yours truly,

Check the track out and add it to your playlist:

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