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It took nearly 20 years to get my first golden record. Earlier this year, SuperStefu’s “Selviytyjä” (Finnish for survivor) exceeded 2 million streams on Spotify, which is rewarded with a golden record in Finnland.

The song was initially released in 2013 and was featured by Fredi Fate. SuperStefu and Fredi Fate are known as Kuningaskunta, but the song was released on SuperStefus solo album.

Apparently, the song has already gotten the evergreen status in Finland, taking nearly 9 years to exceed the 2 million streams.

SuperStefu and Kuningaskunta are currently signed to a Finnish indy label Löylyviihde.

Selviytyjä was realeased by SuperStefu’s own label Monarkiaviihde.

Last week I visited SuperStefu in Finland, and I am more than happy to announce that new tracks are planned to be released later in 2022.

Stay tuned!